What is laptop driver?

laptop drivers

The unit that connects the input, output and processing units of the laptop to the operating system is called laptop driver. These are programs which are installed after the operating system is installed in the laptop.

It is always important to download them from the website of whatever company the laptop belongs to and all units have different drivers like audio driver, graphic driver. Touchpad driver, wireless driver, USB 3.0 driver webcam driver.

When we install a new operating system in the laptop, it takes the basic driver and starts working, but for the full functioning of the laptop, it is necessary to install the original driver.

To install original driver in any laptop, download the driver from the official website of whatever brand the laptop belongs to, only then all the hardware of the laptop will work properly.

We have given below the URLs of the official websites of some companies, where you can download the original driver for your laptop by entering its product number or serial number of your Laptop

For Dell Laptop:-


For Hp Laptop:-


For Lenovo Laptop:-


For Acer Laptop:-


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